Microservice Architecture: The O'Reilly Book

See a comprehensive overview of Microservices from the software architect’s perspective

Did you know that “cowry” is the common name for a group of sea snails found all over the world? Did you know that the shells of these snails have been used as currency for longer and in more countries than precious metals? Did you know that the word “porcelain” is derived from their Italian name, “porcellana”? Why would you? And why am I asking all these cowry-related questions?

It’s because the cowry snail has been selected as the cover animal for Microservice Architecture, the book that the API Academy team is writing for O’Reilly. Mike Amundsen, Ronnie Mitra, Irakli Nadareishvili and I will be providing a comprehensive overview of Microservices from the software architect’s perspective. We’ll examine the potential benefits, principles and practices you can adopt to achieve those benefits, common pitfalls and ways to avoid them, as well as the technologies, methodologies and organizational considerations required for success.

The book will be out in digital form in late April and print by mid-May. In the meantime, you can preview Ronnie’s analysis of optimization. I’ve also written a piece voicing my opinion on the role of architect in Microservices. Last but not least, Mike and I will lead a webinar on April 19, where we’ll explore a design-based approach to Microservices. You can register here.

Hope to see you there and we’ll be sure to let you know when the book is out!

Update June 7, 2016: The book is out now and you can get a complimentary electronic copy by clicking the link below.

Microservices Architecture

The Author

Matt McLarty

Team Lead

Matt McLarty is an experienced software architect who leads the API Academy at CA Technologies. He helps organizations with their strategy and architecture for APIs, microservices and enterprise integration. Matt recently co-authored the book Microservice Architecture for O’Reilly, with his API Academy colleagues.

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