The New Stack: How to Succeed at Failure with Microservices

Explore the role failure plays in the process of building a successful microservice architecture

Moving from a monolith to a microservice architecture inevitably brings misfires―and the willingness to fail is one of the tenets of this new software paradigm. A number of presentations at the API360 Microservices Summit in New York explored the role failure plays in the process of building a successful microservice architecture.

Academy member Ronnie Mitra and Academy Alum Holger Reinhardt are featured in the article, hosted at The New Stack and linked below.

The Author

Ronnie Mitra

Lead Designer

Ronnie Mitra is an expert in enterprise development and integration who leads the CA Technologies API Architecture and Design Practice across Europe. In this role, Ronnie helps companies leverage their burgeoning API potential. Before joining CA, he worked at IBM where he held the worldwide leadership role for WebSphere connectivity products.

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