New Beginnings for the API Academy

A reflection on where the API Academy has been, and where it is going.

Since 2012, the API Academy has been helping organizations with their API strategy, architecture, and design. We have done this by assembling a team of API experts with diverse skills, working closely with companies around the world, and sharing our experiences publicly and privately. Today, we are taking time to reflect on the journey so far and announcing a new direction for the API Academy.

When Mike Amundsen, Ronnie Mitra, and I started the API Academy, we weren’t exactly what sure where it would lead. We knew we wanted to help organizations get the most out of the web API phenomenon, but we also knew we had a lot to learn from those organizations and the API community in general. We started with an emphasis on API architecture and design practices, but soon found that many companies were just as interested in developing business strategies to leverage APIs. Alex Gaber joined the team early on, with a particular focus on API consumer needs, participating and leading many hackathons. Holger Reinhardt brought an engineering perspective to the team, synthesizing API strategy and design practices with innovative solution ideas. In 2014, Irakli Nadareishvili brought his API implementer experience along with his abundant ideas, helping to augment the team’s API focus with and equal interest in the emerging microservices movement.

Alex, Holger, and Irakli left to seek other opportunities in time, but the team continued to evolve. Amy Vujanich brought an educational perspective to the team’s approach. Erik Wilde injected decades of web experience and fresh thinking on “API landscaping”. Lastly, Mehdi Medjaoui—a friend of the API Academy since the first API Days event in Paris—introduced a business-oriented lens and the concept of “API industrialization”. As we start a new calendar year, the time has come for the current members of the API Academy to depart and take on our own new opportunities. The API Academy will remain as part of CA Technologies (a Broadcom company). Under the stewardship of our longtime colleague Bill Oakes, the website will continue to publish articles and resources that are useful to organizations who want to make the most of the API opportunity. In addition, members of the CA team will be available to deliver API workshops to help organizations apply API design, architecture, and strategy best practices.

As a last word, we would like to say a few thank yous. Thanks to our CA colleagues for their support and engagement. Thanks to the leaders of the global API community, who have always worked as helpers and friends, regardless of corporate allegiance. Most of all, we would like to thank the members of the API community that we have interacted with at conferences, in workshops, and on social media. We learned more from you than we taught. Until we meet again, take care!

The Author

Matt McLarty

Team Lead

Matt McLarty is an experienced software architect who leads the API Academy at CA Technologies. He helps organizations with their strategy and architecture for APIs, microservices and enterprise integration. Matt recently co-authored the book Microservice Architecture for O’Reilly, with his API Academy colleagues.

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