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    API Academy Events

    API Academy team members regularly participate in notable conferences, trade-shows and meet-ups, providing insight that helps organizations design better APIs, execute on their broader API strategies and deliver powerful new applications.

    Additionally, the API Academy runs a series of free intensive workshops and one-day summits across the world. Contact us to book an API Academy speaker for your event or to arrange a workshop in your city.


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    REST Fest 2017
    September 14 to September 16
    Greenville, SC

    Will you be in Greenville this September?

    Join API Academy members Mike Amundsen, Erik Wilde, and Ronnie Mitra at REST Fest – the RESTful Web Services “Unconference”. This popular event is co-hosted by Mike Amundsen and aims to give people interested in REST, Hypermedia APIs, crafting web service APIs, or any related topics a chance to get together in an informal setting to share ideas, trade stories, and show examples of current work.

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    Modernizing Application Architectures with Microservices & APIs
    September 25
    Virtual Summit

    Virtual Summit Series

    Register to view presentations on-demand now and attend future events. The next live-streaming event is on September 25th – the API World 2017 Microservices Conference!

    APIs and Microservices are at the heart of modern, cloud native application architectures. Although many digital native companies have already proven this approach, established enterprises choosing this path may be asking: “Where do we start?”. Or perhaps you’ve started your transition towards microservices, have a few deployed and are looking ahead to what’s next. In this virtual summit series, learn from our industry experts at the API Academy about how you can anticipate and plan ahead for some of the bigger issues that come with your system as it matures.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Adopt best practices for APIs and microservices to ensure a successful journey
    • Introduce APIs and microservices into your team, product, and organization right away
    • Migrate from monolithic applications and legacy architectures to a microservices architecture
    • Implement organizational changes to provide long term support for microservices
    • Map out the steps necessary to migrate from a monolith to microservices
    • Track and manage the diversity and complexity as your microservice ecosystem grows

    By registering, you have access to all previous and future presentations.

    All live presentations are recorded for you to watch anytime.

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