Virtual Summit Series


Oct 11, 2018

Virtual Summit

Themed around Modernizing Application Architectures with Microservices and APIs, our Virtual Summit Series continues with the next live session scheduled for 1pm EST October 11th.

This series features a fantastic lineup of industry experts presenting on API business trends including mobile and API security strategies.

What you'll learn at this upcoming event:

  • The latest priorities and innovations for banks investing in APIs to fuel their digital transformation
  • Simple and secure mobile authentication and why FIDO is becoming the trusted choice
  • How to leverage mobile security models and conduct risk analysis with step-up authentication initiation when needed
  • How API security should be applied to those exposing data through APIs to developers and mobile apps

Register to attend as well as view our archive of presentations.


Mehdi Medjaoui

Lead API Economist
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Mike Amundsen

Lead API Architect
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Erik Wilde

Lead API Technologist
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