API Management 302: Using an API Gateway in Microservice Architecture

Get to grips with the specifics of deploying an API gateway in a microservice architecture

API Academy on Sep 2, 2016

API Design 304: API Design for Microservices

Learn some best practices for designing APIs that will function optimally in microservice architectures

API Academy on Jun 22, 2016

API Strategy 301: API-as-a-Product

Learn how positioning your APIs as products can contribute to success across all aspects of an API program

API Academy on Dec 29, 2015

API Design 203: The USE Paradigm

Prioritize usability, scalability and evolvability in API design

API Academy on Nov 6, 2015

API Strategy 203: Building Business Value with a Framework for API Success

Build a strategic framework for realizing the business potential of your APIs

API Academy on Oct 7, 2015

API Management 301: OAuth-Based Access Control

Learn how OAuth provides standard patterns upon which you can deliver API access control

API Academy on Sep 14, 2015

API Management 201: API Security

Identify typical areas of API vulnerability and learn best practices for securing APIs

API Academy on Aug 28, 2015

API Design 303: Pagination

Minimize response times for requests and improve the app-user experience

API Academy on Aug 26, 2015

API Strategy¬†202: How to Drive Business Value Through APIs

Discover five ways you can bring value to your business through APIs

API Academy on Aug 5, 2015