EXI4JSON Draft Retired

The Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) format is a binary representation for XML documents. In 2016, the W3C published working drafts (January 28 and August 23) about how to use EXI for encoding JSON documents. The idea of the proposed EXI4JSON format was to repurpose the existing EXI format for a binary encoding of JSON.

Here is the abstract of the EXI4JSON document:

The EXI format is a compact representation that simultaneously optimizes performance and the utilization of computational resources. The EXI format was designed to support XML representation. With a relatively small set of transformations it may also be used for JSON, a popular format for exchange of structured data on the Web.

Today, the W3C published the EXI4JSON document as a NOTE, meaning that it is no longer a goal to develop the EXI4JSON format into a stable specification.

The Author

Erik Wilde

Lead API Technologist

An expert in protocol design and structured data, Erik Wilde consults with organizations to help them get the most out of APIs and microservices. Erik has been involved in the development of innovative technologies since the advent of the Web and is active in the IETF and W3C communities. He obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich and served as Associate Adjunct Professor at Berkeley before working at EMC, Siemens and now CA Technologies.

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